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Commodity Statement Questions


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If I were to ferment a sugar wash to say 15% ABV, then add a neutral cane spirit to boost ABV to 40% (Like an artificial stripping run) - then run it through a still to get 190.... would my commodity statement read :"Distilled from Sugar Cane" or would it have to say "35% Neutral Cane Spirits." and then how do I indicate what the other 65% is?

Another question - anyone ever contract out their stripping runs? If I had a small spirit still and a neighboring distillery had a giant still with extra capacity - and they stripped my wash... how would that be labelled? What if the neighboring distillery did the fermentation, and the stripping run - And I just bought some 180 proof spirit from them and I did the final run to 190 with heads and tails cuts... how would that be labelled - since I don't think anything distilled to less than 190 is technically a "neutral spirit."

I'm trying to think about how to be time and first cost efficient, and make sure that I'm thinking about how to properly label...

Any help would be much appreciated.



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