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Looking for feedback on 3ph VFD's


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I'm considering adding 1/3ph input, 3ph output VFD's (variable frequency drives) as an add on to the control kit's that are currently offered at www.distillerycontrols.com

These VFD's could be offered as an add on to simple single phase power for distillers that only have 1ph power available in their facility, and if ordered with an integrated distillery control center or dephlegmator control kit would offer control of functions such as variable agitator control speed, and 3 phase CIP pump control.

Some European and Asian MFG's offer CIP and Agitator drive motors inclusive with their equipment, but often these are 50 or 60Hz 3 phase motors with single speed capability. With a VFD there is no need to change out motors to meet local power supply needs or motor speed requirements.

I'm proposing economical stand alone, self installed VFD's for basic control as well as integrated VFD control right into the panels that Swede's Custom Control Systems already offers. This is not an option that is currently available on our panels/control kits but if there is a need then I'd be happy to look at implementing this functionality into our systems.

Please, let me know what you think.

Would you like to have variable speed agitator control built right into your panel?

Would you like to have the ability to run 3ph motors (CIP or Agitator) on the 1ph power you have available in your distillery?



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