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Looking for Apprenticeship- Bay Area


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Good morning everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. I am on the verge of stepping into the world of distilling. I have attended ADI conferences, recent graduate of Siebel's 5 day Craft distilling & technology course, as well as a few distilling workshops. I have begun taking small business classes locally in preparation for the future which is currently unknown, not sure yet if I will start a distillery down the line or be a part of it the industry as an employee, either way I need in. I have met some great people with flourishing distilleries, I would like to be a part of the industry.

I am looking for an internship/ possible employment/ free employment. I cannot afford to give up the day job, but I have time to dedicate, a day or two a week minimum. Everyone needs a start, an introduction, this is an avenue I am pursuing. I am not in the wine & spirits industry currently, so I am somewhat green to a commercial process, I do have a still at home. But what I lack in experience, my work ethic/ background (Construction, Management, Training, Public Service) will benefit someone who gives me a chance.

I have scoured this forum for a little over a year & have realized the open & honesty of everyone contributing is to help one another. Any assistance my way is greatly appreciated & thank you everyone, take care,



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