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OK, I'm in, signed up and paid my dues. I hope it is more in line with my needs as a DSP. As much as I am proud, grateful and happy to be a member here, it has been somewhat dissapointing. Specificly, AMS has not recieved the items, passwords, ect.... that the higher level of membership promises. This has been brought to ADI's attention on more than several communications. Also, not sure a privately held, for profit, association is in my best interest. Will I be going to Washington next spring? not likely. Will I continue with my ADI Membership? That depends on what I percieve ADI's value is to my distillery.

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Mr. Mash, We're not sitting on our hands, no sireee. Shortly distillers will receive an email from AMERICAN CRAFT DISTILLERS ASSOCIATION which is a CALL TO ACTION. We are launching our effort to get the FET reduced for distillers now. First step is education of Legislators about how Craft Distilleries work, how they contribute to the economy and why they are important. August is when Federal Legislators are in their home districts and able to visit their constituents. And the best way to round up support for your distillery among your Legislators is to get them to visit your site and meet your voting/tax paying staff and perhaps some of your Farm partners. Watch for the mailing. TAKE ACTION!

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