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Duplicate on Pay.gov

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Another Pay.gov form question.

I am aware that we are meant to submit our TTB forms in duplicate. In pay.gov when you finish a form and it has saved there is a button next to it that says 'duplicate' - this may sound stupid but is that what they want me to do - simply hit the button to make two copies? Or is there some other way to duplicate them online in pay.gov?


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We just filled out our first monthly reports for July manually. We have a Pay.gov logon now and will use that for August. In July I had the same question. The form instructions state to print the forms in duplicate. I thought that they wanted us to send them two copies of the forms. I called the TTB for clarification. They said that the duplicate form was for us to keep for our permanent records. See TTB regulations § 19.571 Records in general. paragraph 'c'.

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