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Greetings from "Copper Angels"!:)

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Dear Craft Distillers!

My name is George Racz, I was born in Transylvania.

We would like to open a small distillery in Las Vegas. I know, this is a really really “wild” idea in the middle of the desert!:)

I saw many times my grandfather making “Palinka”, a Hungarian brandy from Plums, in the small barn in the backyard. Still a have that scent in my nose!

At the end of January I will visit Don and Kent in Spokane and I will attend the "Dry Fly School".

Already we started to work on "licenses" and it looks that with changing the law we will became the first craft distillers in Nevada after Prohibition. It is so exciting!:)

I am very thankful for the community because your experience already gave me great directions.

We plan to open next year. I hope we will meet soon!

Thanks again and best wishes:




Las Vegas Artisan Distillery

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