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Six and Twenty Distillery Operations and Management School

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Are you about to open your commercial distillery? Need some hands-on experience?

Do you know the basics and need a more specialized course in the how-to of hands-on?

If yes, the Six and Twenty Distillery Operations and Management Course is must-have for you.

: Six and Twenty Distillery, along with our friends from Artisan Still Design and Distillery Consultant Sherman Owens

: A 3-day, Intermediate-level and hands-on course on how to get your distillery, equipment and process running smoothly.

When: October 16, 17 and 18, 2013

Where: Six and Twenty Distillery, 3109 Hwy 153, Piedmont South Carolina

How much: $1200 per participant. Hotel and transport not included.

Contact: David Raad at DR@sixandtwentydistillery.com for questions.

Six and Twenty Distillery has teamed up with Artisan Still Designs and Distillery Consultant Sherman Owens to create the course that folks intent on getting in the distilling business need. This isn’t a basic course on fundamentals of distilling; this is a hands-on, commercial-grade course in our working distillery to show how to make your distillery work from day-one.

Six and Twenty Distillery will be the workplace for the course. Participants will receive not just classroom instruction, but hands-on practical application of every step of the operations process they will need to hit the ground running.

Our class size will be small and limited to 12 students, so this is a first-come, first-served opportunity. We will provide a detailed syllabus, lunch, coffee, drinks, snacks and a post-course BBQ supper on the 18th. Cheap and mid-range hotels are in walking distance to the stillhouse, and the nearest airports are GSP (20 miles) or ATL (90 miles).

This course will cover:

  • Basic distilling overview; the elements of a grain-to-glass distillery
  • Defining your brand, what kind of distillery are you? Pricing your product
  • Safety, what’s required and what’s necessary
  • Choosing your location, what, where and why
  • Power, plumbing and physical layout
  • Mashing: Inputs, yield, calculations, grains, process, gravities
  • Mashing: PRACTICAL APPLICATION on distillery floor
  • Fermenting: Inputs, yeast, process
  • Distilling: overview and theory, process, safety and dealing with problems
  • Walk around: The parts of a still and what they do
  • Distilling: PRACTICAL APPLICATION on distillery floor
  • Measuring distillate, gauging and diluting
  • Equipment: Collecting vessels, blending vessels, pumps and hoses, fillers, filters, and ancillary
  • Cleaning regimen (observed): Mash tank, still, equipment

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We will cover them, though they are a 3-day class unto themselves. We'll cover records keeping from a practical standpoint and show what info you'll need to collect to be able to satisfy TTB reporting requirements, (possible) audits, and inventory control.

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Thanks for your question, John. The classes were brought about by our experience in being a sales representative for ASD here in the southeast. We saw customers purchasing equipment were jumping into the industry without experience and basic skill sets needed to succeed. We saw that need and assembled a team to provide a service. For our course of instruction, we'll have the Six and Twenty staff, Sherman Owens, and the team from Artisan Still Design participating. As for our credentials, we're putting on the class as a team. I think folks in the industry will know Sherman (he's been an ADI presenter, lecturer and distillery consultant for a good long time) and the guys from ASD, and I am a 2011 Seibel Institute graduate and worked for 4 years for South African Breweries prior to that. Thanks again for your question!

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Just a hat tip to anyone considering the course; we're down to three slots left. We'd love to make sure anyone wanting to participate in the experience has the opportunity, so please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.

If you are considering running a column or column hybrid still, are considering a grain-in mash, or have some unclear spots in creating your systems and processes, this course is for you.


DR at sixandtwentydistillery dot com

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That's great. Are you still using turbo yeast. I have never tried it and would like to see how it has been working for you.

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Just finished the third day at Six & Twenty. This is the fourth class I have attended. I won't knock any of the previous classes because I gathered some information from each. But I will say that this class was hands down the best class. It was excellent. If you are thinking about going into the industry this class is a must. Fantastic presenters, excellent curriculum. The owners are extremely nice and time was taken to answer every question asked. They covered it all. They covered it in depth and it was very hands on. More than half of the class is spent on the distillery floor with thorough demonstrations and explanations.

Kudos to the Six and Twenty Staff, Steven from Artisan Still Design and Sherman Owens.

Very glad I attended.

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I whole-heartedly agree Sam (Hagar681); I have also taken other classes, which I enjoyed, but this one was the most complete - it gave me an understanding of my new business that I have not yet seen from books or other classes. The crew from Six & Twenty, Steve from Artisan Still Design and Sherman Owen from Artisan Resources, all contributed extremely valuable information and are downright great folks. I can't imagine a better format for the topics delivered. I sincerely believe that having attended this class will help ensure a speedy start to my new distillery business.

Thanks and Cheers Folks -

Dean from Rowhouse Spirits.

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