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the cassing of an activated carbon filter

Les Trois Clocher

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I am trying to construct a pilot distillery and wish to make a carbon filter (38mm in diameter and 1.5m long, the minimum effective size). I was woundering how important the material used to make the carbon filter was? In an ideal world I would make it all out of stainless but I was woundering what alternatives are out there.

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I want to "neutralize" the alcohol/ remove impurities and flavor notes. I plan to use stone carbon (0.4-1.4mm) as it is better for regeneration and doesn't have to same chance of leaving a residue as carbon from coconut shells leave. I plan to use loose charcoal and remake the filter bed each time I use it then regenerate it using heat.

the spools look like a good sturdy casing, what short of valve do you use to control the flow rate?

I was also wondering about alternatives to stainless steel casings since I have a very limited budget to do this with.

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Thanks. Les Trois Clocher.

I have to say, as I very long time, am working with different kinds of carbons and charcoals and supplying these technologies to leading vodka and other hard alcohol drinks manufacturers in the world, that all carbon and charcoal have quite different effect upon organoleptic properties of treated products. And at first place here take place processes of oxidation. Besides carbon or charcoal deciding meaning have flow-rate.

I for example, am applying three-cascade pilot plant for testing at strong alkohol producers factory the technologies i then supply in industrial scale installation. As for sorbents I am using special patented both carbon and charcoals as well as other non-organic sorbents. By the way, I already have supplied three pilot plants of the kind in US.

But in order to you could to make use of my expirience i have to understand what products you going to processing are? What capacity of industrial plant you interesting in? What are peculiarity of the spirit you wonna to use to preparing water-spirits mixture? And so on...

If you would like to obtaine more information you can to ask me your quistions on email: valeriy_dnepr@list.ru or to continue the conversation here if rules of the forums are allowed this.


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I used tri-clamp spools. Readily available in a variety of sizes and you can buy a cap for each end to make a canister. I am assuming you are using loose charcoal here ...


We're going to be using a casing designed by Nether Industries out of Enumclaw, Washington. It's almost Identical to what Jwymore linked. Costs around $300 and works wonderfully. 3"x24" with an adapter down to 1" to match our water lines. As for the filling we use Norit ROX 0.8. they both work wonderfully. The filter was recommended to us by Rusty Figgins at Batch 206 in Seattle. (BWFiggins on here). He's used it in his distillery for years.


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