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warehousing barrels off site

Panama Jack

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Does anyone warehouse filled barrels off site. I am looking to have still production and sales room in high traffic downtown location and warehouse bulk spirits storage off site at cheaper warehouse space. State requires "tour" to sell direct to public so need a still and small bottling set up at storefront. If allowed can we transport barrel in our own truck from store/production site to warehouse?

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It depends on the state, but we are set up to do that in Ny for much the same reasons. We have been permitted to use a building on our farm which is 12 miles from our DSP as a secondary location. This will allow us to maximize utility of our valuable footprint space in our tourist village for use as distillation, some fermentation and blending, and tasting / retail.

Ancillary process such as grain storage, mashing, etc will be done on the farm, and we will move our low wines and wash into the village, and take the stillage back out. For anyone looking to locate in a busy or tourist location, I might suggest this approach. We encountered some initial pushback from the community until we told them we were not going to "mash" in the village. Thier initial perception was that the mashing would create a dusty and smelly environment. "This apparently was less desirable than the exhaust fumes from the dozen or so tour busses that come into town daily, which then disgorge their passengers onto the scores of diesel powered tour boat :)"

And lastly, because we will mash off site, it will decrease some water expense, as we will pull water from our own wells, vs buying it retail from the village.likewise we will build our Rick House on the farm and keep limited barrels in the village for presentation.

My research to date has indicated that the concentration of effort on the in house retail / tasting room should outweigh the front loaded expense of locating in a seasonal tourist village. We shall see :)


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Thanks everyone. Most posts mirror my thoughts. Makes sense to mash, bulk storage and age in industrial site at a few dollars a square foot; and have store and finishing still at visitor friendly site on small footprint in high traffic area. Would expect transportation cost to be far less then savings for back room space. Maybe will find the perfect spot or as grow be able to marry the two spaces back up. Hope to locate and contract space shortly then get rolling on Fed permit. First reply got it in one as NJ. So have to wait until Dec 1 to file state application but hope to have location firmed up and equipment lined up the then. Thanks Again.

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