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Distillery Control Center Extender


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Currently, the maximum wattage available for the control kit's offered at Swede's Custom Control Systems is 13.5kw.

This wattage rating is more than sufficient to run small capacity low production rate stills with column sizes up to 8", however, lower wattage ratings on the control kit's can lead to impractical heat up times on the boiler. Additionally, some distilleries run larger boilers on columns this size, and this can result in further wait times during the pre-heat stage.

To address this issue, SCCS has developed a Distillery Control Center Extender kit (DCCExt16.5k) that is compatible with all semi automated and integrated control kit's that have been sold so far, and is available as an add on to any upcoming kits sold. This kit will require additional element installation into the boiler, or tandem elements installed in current ports (3 phase elements can be sourced if additional element ports are unavailable) It supports an additional

16.5kW heat input into the boiler (example, 3 more 5500watt elements.)

This comes in a simple wall mountable enclosure as a stand alone unit. It includes panel mounted control switching with element control selector (auto preheat/off/on) and dedicated E-Stop and Power inputs with an auxiliary element status pilot light.

The kit works like this;

During the ramp and hold phase of the preheat stage, the DCCExt16.5k runs up to an additional 3 elements (max power rating 16.5kW). Upon reaching the hold temp, your column ready alarm sounds on your current panel. This is also the trip threshold for the DCCExt16.5k panel.

Once the system is preheated, the DCCExt16.5k automatically shuts down power to the auxiliary elements and remains off for the rest of the run, leaving the main panel to handle all controls for the system (heat/auto tails runout and shutdown, and auto reflux control on integrated systems)

Optionally, you can select manual 100% (on) control of the elements to control heat manually.

This new kit will include the panel, prewired to accept the trip input from your main panel, it will require it's own GFCI protected power source and associated wiring. It will be available in single and three phase configurations (240/1 and 208/3)

With this add on module, the distiller will be able cut down on extended run times due to pre-heat wait times on smaller test stills and production stills using our control systems.

Please contact us for pricing and lead times swede@distillerycontrols.com

Email for pictures of the front panel layout...

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150 Liter Complete R&D or Small Start-Up Distiller Equipment Package Avaiable...


Blind Tiger Stills -


150 Liter R&D or small start-up distillery equipment package available now for sale. All electric Blaine-Marie oil jacketed Mash-Lauter Tun, Hybrid Still (5-Bubble Plate Column, Gin-Basket) Double Fermentarion System and a Glycol pack ready to go! Contact me today to further discuss. 


 *3D renderings are initial designs, actual pictures of the equipment as well as full details are available upon request. 

Contact me directly to further discuss!

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