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How many fermenters?


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Hey All-

So we are finally purchasing equipment. My question is this, how many fermenters are needed in any given operation? Due to budget we are starting with with a 250 liter still (66gl), but if all goes according to the business plan this will only be for the first 18 months. Because we have multiple partners running the still 5-6 days per week at this point is not a foreseeable problem. Am I correct in assuming that with a setup like this we will need at least three individual fermenters of about equal capacity to the charge of the still? I really would like to hear what has worked for people.



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Figure out how long it takes your mash to ferment. Figure out how many runs a day you will do, 1, 2. How many days a week do you want to run the still. Then work backwards from the number of runs minus the days to ferment and you will can figure out a production schedule and that will tell you how many you need to suit your needs. And if you want to run multiple runs a day of the same type mash, than size your fermenter to handle the double volume, but all depends on your mash tun size.

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Hi there from Confederate Stills of Alabama, LLC Confederatestills.com I build custom cypress fermentation tanks. For your size still, my 150 gallon fermenter would be ideal......For each fermentation (4-6 days) you could get 2 still runs in easily in one day. Depending on how many days a week you wanted to run the still, would determine the number of tanks....5 or 6 would be ideal. My pics are too large to upload but you can friend me and see them on my FB site: Confederate Stills

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