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Hi, I'm John Lipman, of "Linda and John" (L'n'J) dot com.

Then again, sometimes I'm Linda; y'never know. So y'better watch yer language, buddy! :blink:

We're explorers of American Beverage Spirits - Bourbon, Rye, Corn, Cider Fruits, Barley, Wheat, Molasses, Sugar, Sorghum, Rutabagas, and any combination thereof. Well... maybe not the rutabagas. But who knows?

We enjoy exploring the way America's history so tightly intertwines with that of the distilled spirits we drink. We've learned a lot about the people who once made beverage alcohol in America, and how they made it.

We're frequent contributors to events and net forums about the spirits Americans make and drink today, and we're acquainted with many of those who produce it.

Here, we hope to learn more about the spirits Americans will be drinking tomorrow, and to get to know some of those who are making and aging it right now.

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