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300 gallon Production still, Artisan Still Design

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this still was built as a design exercise and has proven out nicely
better than 300 gallon capacity (1300L with man way open)
16" diameter, 4 plate, copper column
complete CIP system
steam jacketed and insulated
Product condenser with parrot.
height is just over 12ft tall

Located at Six and Twenty Distillery in South Carolina if you'd like to see it first hand
email: farmer @ sixandtwentydistillery . com , for pricing


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Ugh: Sorry about the email problems. We use super-crappy homestead mail servers and they are killing us with email problems for the last few days.

You can also ping me at DR at sixandtwentydistillery.com just so we get folks info.

Again, our apologies for the comms problem.

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