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Picture windows and glass doors between sales and production area


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Hi again,

I'm starting to build my sales room and am building a wall between the sales area and production floor and want to install french glass doors and 2 big picture windows so customers can see the production floor and my tours can start directly from sales. Besides standard safety glass for the doors and windows does anyone know of any other special safety or security requirements? I can't find anything anywhere saying plastic film coatings or similar are required for the glass. 3m makes a security/storm film that basically makes glass act like a car windshield so it breaks but stays in place.

Has anyone had any special requirements made for any glass between production and sales? I was planning on using standard doors/windows from HD or Lowes just with heavy duty hinges and reinforced locksets.


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We were required to have magnetic held self closing doors for smoke separation on all interior doors (all 3). They are hooked into our heat and smoke alarm. Doors needed to be smoke rated (not a big deal, most are) Glass windows needed to be 1/2" tempered glass. Walls 1 hour 5/8" sheet rock on all walls (that was there). Hope this helps. -Dave

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We have a nice 6x4 picture window between the the retail and production area. It's an exterior-grade window, double pane, FWIW. Had no state or federal issues with it, though SC regs and your state/municipal regs are no doubt different. Cheers.

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