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Hi all ...Just a shout out ... I really want to recommend the folks @ Race Label ... They make an outstanding (and simple) label applicator ... They happen to be located in Albuquerque as I am , and let me use one of their machines today to do my first bottling run !!!... Even came over and set it up!!! Awesome people , can't recommend them enough they really turned out to be this craft distillers best friend !!! Brian

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Just purchased our first Race labeler. Amazing customer service, and a great machine! When we had a problem with the initial label order curling as it came off the roll, Race stepped up to the plate and covered the cost of getting a new die so we could print the labels oriented in a different position. And they have always been there for us on the phone, as soon as we had a question. Can't say enough about the service.

Still learning about the machine, but it's quality materials and construction. Once we have more labeling experience, I'll post more about how it works.

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Race Labeler is a great product for a start up. As you quantites get bigger, it will help to have one that spins the bottle electronically and also there is one that you dial in the bottle and label specifics and it spaces a two-part label perfectly.

If you will contact me, we sell these labelers at a discount since we order so many of them. We also travel to the customer to demonstrate and get them started, even though there is a CD and written info to help.

The cost on these are not much difference than on the Race Labelers. See my info below.

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