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Flask Suppliers

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What type, size of flask and type of engraving are you referring to?

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We have samples from Laser-On and just put in an order. Pretty affordable and good quality. Very easy to work with. We also have samples from Crystal Imagery in PA which are a little bit nicer but a significant price jump. We may end up ordering some from them but not sure yet.

To answer the OP's question, we have a sample of a stainless steel and leather flask from Laser On. Both are pretty nice but we went with a small order of the leather flasks which are really sharp looking.

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Sorry, not for bottles, for tasting room merchandise. Shot glasses, wine glasses, tumblers, etc.

Glencairn purchased direct from Scotland by the pallet with your logo is a real deal. Contact their US rep, Marty Duffy <Marty@glencairn.co.uk>

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