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Repost: 6 plate Hillbilly vodka column with 80 gallon boiler & 150 gallon mash tun

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Distilling equipment - unused and in factory condition: Stainless steel mash tun and boiler, and one six plate copper reflux column with condenser.

The volumes are optimized to allow two (65 gallon) distilling runs per (130 gallon) mash tun fill.


80 Gallon

Mirror polished 304/316L SS

1.5" Butterfly drain valve

2" TC drain port

13" manhole with six lugs and silicone seal

All TC ports include caps, seals and clamps

Thermometer well (thermometer included)

TC port on the boiler allows for a custom agitator to be added.

4" TC port to accept Hillbilly vodka column.

1.4M tall

Approximately 140 kgs with packaging

150 Gallon mash tun:

Mirror polished 304/316L SS

Full stainless lid with silicon lined snap-ring closure

2 x 2" TC ports.

False bottom with 1.5" TC butterfly drain valve.

Approximately 120 kgs with packaging

61" tall by 30.5" wide

Six-plate copper reflux column - Hillbilly Stills. Brand new. See site for description:




These items are sold as a set for $7,750 plus shipping. We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and can ship anywhere within Canada or the United States.

Please contact for additional details and photographs.

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