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What to look for in a fermenter


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I am in the process of deciding what fermenters and what mashing vessel I am going to purchase and I have looked into a whole slew of designs and manufacturers. I am looking for what everyone is, a high quality fermenter at a low qulaity pirce :)! Understanding this is not reality I have two questions.

1. What are some specs/features that I want to make sure the fermenters have. I already know that I am looking for high grade stainless steel (anyone know what grades to look for) and a jacketed system for heating and cooling and i would like each ferm to have an agitator but what are some other specs that I should make sure the tank has that some tanks might not include.

2. My second question being does anyone have any good recommendations as to a distributor who makes a quality product at a good price point. I have contacted Newlands systems, Raynox, Glacier tanks, as well as a slew of Chinese manufacters from that alibaba website some of which seemed to produce crap, some of which seemed to have decent products.

I am no the fence if it is worth trying to buy chineese to save a few thousand bucks or to just by american/canadian and pay almost double but know its a good quality product.

Long and short of it, what do i want to make sure my ferms have and where is the cheapest place to get those things.

Thanks so much,


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