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Seeking unpaid internship at a distillery


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Hey there, I am 6 months into the research phase of distilling and starting a distillery and am hoping to get some hands on experience working in an distillery. I did attend the Cornell Distilling workshop in NY a couple weeks ago and got some good experience but I would love to get a month or two of hands on time in a distillery.

I am knowledgeable of the terms and equipment and have read all the literature i can find on distilling so I am by no means a total novice. I will pull my weight and dont mind doing some of the grunt work. If you need some web help I can also do some HTML web design. I am 24 and a college grad with a business admin degree. If you can find me a place to stay that would be a huge bonus! Let me know if youre interested and I can provide my resume or more information!

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