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Starting a new vodka brand

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Tufted Turtle -- I would welcome a discussion about marketing to the public -- I certainly would benefit, and no doubt others would as well.

I think you are being a little thin skinned. No where do I say the post is representative of the forum, I say this is one response I got. Can't get more factual than that. And I can pretty much guarantee that my readers are not in the distilling business (unless they've come to the blog out of curiosity from this forum) so no one is going to the blog and making the connection to the ADI forums.

I'd also be happy to talk about raising money from investors, as we've raised over $100,000 and I could share my insights into that whole process -- and learn from others -- as well as other topics relevant to starting out.



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Maybe I read your blog post wrong. You can post what you want on your blog, other's may read it the same way I did. Regardless, I'm all for sharing information and would welcome discussions.

I'm curious, what amount of capital are you raising? This may be more of a private question, feel free to PM me.


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Leslie it's pretty clear you understood my comments about as well as your attempt at this business. If your investors read your comments they're going to scratch their heads at your lack of comprehension. My comments were satirical in nature based on Americas digression into our general influences of what passes for pop culture in present day.

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