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Insurance for Distillery


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We have our building built, and are now getting our equipment, and need to get insurance on our operation. Any suggestions or tips? We have already checked with one insurance company here in NC and were flatly turned down. Any help is appreciated...

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A.J. Gallagher Group

They are the worlds largest insurer of ethanol plants and wind turbine energy in the world. You can get your fed bond and ins all under one roof. And they are super cheap.

Please call : Dain J. at Work=515-440-8421 Cell=515-782-7626

I get nothing for the refural. But please tell him Joe Dehner sent you.

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I hate to do this....but I would LOVE to know the amount of coverage you have, and what Cincinnati's "turnkey craft-distillery insurance plan" looks like. We are currently working with lenders for an SBA loan, and insurance premium estimates are one of the few figures where we do not yet a solid estimate. I plan to call/write to Cincinnati for a quote or help along the same, but I thought I would take a shot in the dark with you fellas first.

Thanks for the thread - at the very least I know where to go first!


-Ian Newton

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Can anyone provide what their ballpark insurance costs are? We haven't finalized a building yet so I can't get a quote. At this point, I am just trying to get a rough sense of the costs for insurance. Assume:

Standard bottle to glass activities


Tasting Room

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Gents, there's just too many variables on your individual operation, location, NAICS classification, production amount, cost of equipment and/or product storage, safety measures in place, and we're not even getting into employees. It could literally be $500/month or $5000 (of course you'd have to be relatively big and/or in a very risky classification setting). Just like anything else for your estimation, take as much information that you know, then make a well-educated guess your unknowns, and get a quote. You are going to know those possible numbers better than anyone, plus it will do you good to get something established with an insurance entity and keep up a dialogue with them. They may help you along the way in making certain determinations that can help drive your insurance costs down, particularly with things like sprinkler systems, maybe a fire hose hookup, etc.

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Perhaps I could be of assistance. Although I am new to the ADI (I am a gold level sponsor for the conference this year, booth #433 so stop by and say hi), I have just released a revolutionary insurance product that is unlike anything else available in today’s marketplace. I would be very happy to discuss the finer details of this program with anyone that is interested. I can be reached on my personal cell phone at 307-752-5961 if you would like. Also you may find more information about me at www.hublinden.com. With over a decade of niche insurance experience and an abundance of micro distillery knowledge you can rest assured, I am "the guy".


Aaron Linden - CIC

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