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Off-site Barrel Storage?

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Has anyone here had a situation where they needed to use an off-site / off main property storage facility to hold whiskey etc. barrels?

Here is a scenario: there is a building across the street from our proposed distillery location that may work well as a barrel storage facility.

What TTB or other guidelines must be considered when using a storage building in this situation? I suspect the main challenge is in maintaining bond when crossing the street?

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According to CFR 19.132

§ 19.132 Continuity of premises.

The continuity of the distilled spirits plant shall be unbroken except for separations by public waterways, thoroughfares, or carrier rights-of-way. However, where there are other separations of the plant premises and all parts of the plant premises are in the same general location, the appropriate TTB officer may approve the registration of the distilled spirits plant if he finds no jeopardy to the revenue.

So you can shouldn't have a problem. The key thing will still be the security of the storage building.

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Assuming you want to have whiskey in those barrels (not empty), then I think you be subject to the regular federal, state, and local permitting requirements as any other DSP (which will warehouse spirits only). I do not yet have spirits to warehouse (just got the final state permit last Thursday), so I will be curious to see if anybody answers this differently than me ...

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