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Since we are now selling stills in the US, I feel we should get in contact with a customs agent or broker. Hope that is the right word. A person or agency that can help our clients clear their imported iStills ASAP, at low prices and with as little hinderance as possbile.

Not that it is difficult to clear an iStill or that it takes a long time. About a week is our current experience. But I do want to take this out of the hands of our clients. I don't want them to pay top prices for representation, when we can probably get a better deal and work together with an agency that gets to know our products.

Anybody out there who is a customs agent? Anyone know a good one?

If so, please PM!

Regards, Edwin.

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Purchasing it, TTB action, etc. We do transport. That takes a week. Still stays in customs in the US for a week. Client needs to declare the still does not radiate. We provide a document for that: that the iStill does not send out radiation or radio levels that are too high. So in total, it is not much work, but if we can sorta "automate" the process, there is less the customer has to do or worry about.

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