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We've set FEB 17th, 2014 as our next "Camp Distillery" date. This course is basically two days in one when it comes to the amount of subject matters covered and quality of content. We stick to a one-day course from 6am - 5pm due largely to overwhelming end of course feedback. The first half of the course covers mainly grain mash/whiskey/moonshine production, the second half is mainly govt regs, govt reports, licensing, product planning, marketing, distillery planning/budgeting. This course is laid out in true military precision (designed by a former Army officer), we always improve the course after each date. More information can be found on our website at http://mbrdistillery...Distillery.html. Our January course filled up a few weeks ago and this one will likely be filled up by the end of the year. We'll only hold one or two more after this course until next fall due to the weather (it's easier to heat a distillery than it is to cool one). Call me for more information, (270) 640-7744.

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