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From maceration to gin basket


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I've been developing my gin recipe using exclusively maceration (my R&D still doesn't have a gin basket), but I do have a basket for my production still and would like to use it for at least some of the ingredients. From what I've seen, vapor extraction seems to concentrate the botanicals significantly more than maceration, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for what that ratio might look like. Have any of you scaled a recipe in this way? Or, without getting into anything proprietary, can any of you give me some insight into the general ratio of juniper to distillate that you're using in a basket as opposed to maceration?


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Think of aroma as a chemical's lack of attraction to a liquid.

Lots of aroma compounds have a high affinity for non-polar solvents, like ethanol. As such they are tightly retained in a spirit with very high proof.

On the converse, many aromas are less soluble in water. And adding such can decrease their retention in the bulk liquid and allow them to enter the headspace for detection as an aroma compound.

This is one reason why a spirit's proof is less than a trivial number. By changing the proof, one can adjust the balance of compounds that enter the headspace and thereby affect how it's perceived.

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