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Is it true that hang tags don't need TTB approval?


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I used to include them in the COLA submission but was told not to. So we don't submit them anymore, but they still have to follow the rules for class and type. If they require certain wording on the label to describe it you can't contradict it on the tag. They will check when they visit every few years.

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Kristian is correct. The language on the hang tag cannot talk about what the product tastes like or suggest that it has flavors of. Also there can be no suggestions of it having any health benefits or imply anything medicinal.

We are printers in NC and know alot about TTB regs. We would be happy to check out your file(s).

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Drink recipes are allowed? What about a recipe that includes another brands spirit?

The most common thing that is placed on those neck wrappers or shelf talkers is something about your awards, medals, points rating or perhaps a rebate offered.

All of those things are fine and don't need TTB approval.

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