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distillery equipment for sale

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hello forum,

Im selling a large chunk of what someone would need to start a micro distillery.

unfortunately i ran out of funds and had to change course before i even got to apply for a DSP.

any ways, like i said i pretty much have a turn key operation for some one who would rather do a little work in exchange for forking out all the big bucks.

it seems that its my loss and your gain

a short list of my inventory:

1-300 gallon steam jacketed SS mash cooker w/ lightning, .75 Hp explosion proof clamp on mash agitator

1-300 gallon steam jacketed pot still w/ dephlegmator (SS pot. copper head, dephleg and condenser all copper)

3- 200 gallon food grade poly cone bottom fermenting tanks with stands and 2" butterfly valves and tri clover sanitary SS fittings on everything

1-Cherry Burrell , 3 Hp centrifugal sanitary mash pump. again 2" tri clamp w/ hoses to connect every thing

1-sussman electric steam boiler model ES100 to power still and mash cooker

1-NTEP trade certified floor scale (i think up to 5000Lbs)

lots and lots of triclamp fittings, valves, clamps, reducers , clean in place ball, pressure relief safety valve and gaskets.

i also have all of the required trade certified hydrometers and i think 6 of the special order key capture locks (specified to the TTB's requirements)

i have a small hand crank labeler that seems to work pretty well, but might be outgrown pretty quickly

i also have a commercial floor mop sink w/ faucet, an SS 3 compartment sink with faucet and a few commercial fire extinguishers to go along

i had plans of wrapping the pot still in reclaimed wood and holding together with copper bands but didnt finish before i decided to sell. thats obviously only cosmetic

im sorry i couldnt even get 1 pic to upload. (which im sure any 12 year old could)

but i can email or text pics and price to serious buyers

need to sell all together. dont want to part out 1 at a time

all reasonable offers considered

i will take down post when items are sold

my number is 615-319-1329

email gripjustin@yahoo.com

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