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Type in "Caramel Food Coloring" in the search bar and a whole bunch of stuff comes up. I know I sound like a prick but some of this stuff is pretty basic. My distillery is not high brow by any means, but it takes a lot of personal research to get it off the ground. My thinking as a craft distiller, is to be true to the craft and not get artificial. Re-bottling GNS or bulk spirits may be your business plan, (I am not suggesting that you are), but there is a lot of marketing machines that take shelf space and the real looser is the consumer. They simply are not buying what they think they are. The Moonshine section in Virginia ABC store is a prime example, there are only 2 that are actually distilled the rest are just.....well.....whatever. I personally don't know of a small batch Craft Distiller Bardstown, KY., at least since my last visit.

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Try Sethness, they have a good reputation and a good range of caramel colorings, including Organic Certified non-GMO from 100% cane.

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