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Insurance Help!!!

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Trying to find coverage for our distillery/tasting room & retail sales. Running into problems with our space not being sprinkled but the township has already

issued us a certificate of occupancy. Anyone else have a similar situation and

insurance agent they can steer me towards? Thanks for any help!!

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Chuck Androcchio with Tricor has been an excellent resource for me. It was painless to get set up and he was able to get the most competitive rates. They work with many craft distilleries.

Chuck Andracchio

TRICOR Insurance

877-468-7426, ext 1444

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"A.J. Gallagher Group

They are the worlds largest insurer of ethanol plants and wind turbine energy in the world. You can get your fed bond and ins all under one roof. And they are super cheap.

Please call : Dain J. at Work=515-440-8421 Cell=515-782-7626

I get nothing for the refural. But please tell him Joe Dehner sent you.

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I hope I am not coming into this topic too late, but better late than never I say. I am able to offer an exclusive insurance product that no other carrier or agent has access to that is the most comprehensive and competitive product available in today’s market. As well, it is the only insurance product specifically developed for micro-distilleries that can accurately and correctly insure and value your products throughout the aging process. Feel free to give me a call at 307-752-5961 (my cell phone) with any questions. You can also visit my website at www.hublinden.com for more information. I hope this helps.


Aaron Linden - CIC

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