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Rum Wash Ferment Times?


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Hi from Georgetown, Grand Cayman!

We make rum from blended fermentations of cane juice and dark brown sugars. Being that I have done malt fermentations for beer and malt whisk(e)y for 15 years and now am solely making rum having not done so before, I would like to benchmark our fermentation performance to see if improvements can be made.

The input I would like is related to the brown sugar fermentation. Our cane juice undergoes wild yeast fermentation, but the other is fermented using pure cultures with a high alcohol tolerance using proper pitch volumes as per the manufacturer's specifications. I use a blend of yeast nutrients that are typical for sugar and molasses fermentations in addition to Servomyces (all are naturally derived). Our SG for this portion of the wash is between 23 and 24 degrees Plato. At this sort of gravity, how long of a ferment would you expect to get down to from 3 to 3.6 degrees Plato?

Thanks for any input!


Cayman Island Distillers/Seven Fathoms Rum

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