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Bottling and/or blending under independent label


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Hi folks,

5 year newbie here, cannot seem to get away from the 50hr week job that pays the bills long enough to pursue. However, in reading some of the topics here I wonder about the feasability of an operation which sources the distilled spirits from a number of local distillery's currently in operation. Allowing me to bottle and market.

My question: could I blend, age, bottle, etc at my shop or do Feds require that all to be done where the product is distilled. I would like to create some uniqueness with the actual taste (aging?) and recipe (re: blend) at my shop.

Thank you in advance to anyone taking the time for a helpful response.


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Good morning,

You can do all that you are suggesting in your question. You still will require a full DSP, not just a basic permit, and your labels will not be able to use the phrase "Distilled by" or "Distilled at" in reference to your distillery.

Your concept is similar to Templeton Rye, High West (some blends not all, they do some things in house too), any number of vodkas, and a large portion of beverage alcohol in the entire market.


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