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Distiller Wanted Oklahoma City


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Hello, My name is Evan,

I am the Head Distiller at Turkey Shore Distillieries in Ipswich MA makers of Old Ipswich Rums.

I also am a Distilery Consultant. I have two distilleries going through the build out stage right now. One just recieved their DSP last week. Very exciting.

I have very flexable, Per Distillery package deals if you are interersted in working with a distiller/ consultant.

My website is www.1adistilling.com

My phone # is 978-500-2286

The pages descibe what my background is and also a tad bit about the industry.

If you are at all interested in my services, please feel free to call and we can chat for a bit.

If I don't hear from you, best of luck and enjoy this crazy and fun ride throughout the distilling world.

Evan Parker

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