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8 Feathers Distillery in Boise, Idaho is offering Distilling School! This hands-on class covers the fundamentals of grain to glass whiskey production and business concerns in starting your own distilled spirits company or for those who are just interested in learning the fine art of distilling.

Participants will be working along side our head distiller learning all the steps it takes to make great whiskey. Topics covered include:

  • Safety in a distillery
  • Sourcing equipment
  • Grain selection and processing
  • Water conditioning
  • Designing a recipe (a.k.a. a mash bill)
  • Mashing
  • Fermentation and related issues (congeners)
  • Still selection and sizing trade-offs
  • Mechanics of distillation (stripping and spirit runs)
  • “Heads, Hearts and Tail”
  • Understanding the use of setback
  • Barrel selection and flavor impact
  • Bottling
  • Pumps
  • Automation
  • TTB Requirements
  • Sales and Marketing

For the complete class schedule – please go to http://www.8feathers.com/schedule-detail.html

Additional presentations for the start up distiller include licensing, facilities, record keeping, package design formula and label approval and marketing of spirits.

Cost is $450 and includes 2 days of instruction, handouts and some meals. For more information on school dates and how to register go to http://www.8feathers.com/school.html. Got questions? Please call Larry at 208.297.5225.

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