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Unofficial Pre-Launch Unveiling of ASD's New Series 2 Stills

Artisan Still Design

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Unit #1 is almost finished, a few more details to be looked after and it'll be on its way to Artisan Resources LLC. for full automation.

This particular unit will make the rounds at this spring's ADI and ACDA events.

Our new Series 2 will be available in this "Simplified" configuration, as well as our full modular Hybrid setup.

with the new year, we're also adding an optional full copper vodka column for those of you who must have copper everything.

we will continue to build/sell/improve our Series 1 systems, as well as custom builds, as we have over 30 of these stills delivered and in production, with another 10 being built or on their way. We look at the Series 2 not as a replacement but a complimentary line, for those who would like a little more than we were able to offer before.


product condenser and Dephlegmater are yet to receive the same Machine turned finish as on the skirt.


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this unit will be available for sale after the spring conferences.

two of our reps, In Washington state, and Missouri will be receiving almost identical units, one in steam and the other in electrically heated bain marie.

so if you cant make the show, drop us a line, maybe you can visit one of the other distilleries getting one.

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The equipment looks very nice

I have some questions about the equipment:

1.the legs hidden behind the skirt for leveling,The problem is the bottom of boil will be very dirty, not good to clean

2.the tank flange will increase the cost,why not welding

3.the condenser installed the thermometer only, without digital display thermometer, are you not going to control,how do you achieve expected to alcohol

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this unit is a prototype, production version will have a removable skirt,

we use a flange because welding stainless to copper is a possible point of failure, its a failure we would like to avoid.

the thermometers are placeholders, they will be replaced when the still is fitted with a full computerized automation system.

a few more pics from the ACDA event




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