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Hi, I am new and I want to start a distillery...

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I didn't see anything in the tabulations about product development. Just deciding to make whiskey is great and all but if you have no or limited experience you will have a bit of development time. If you just want to throw something at the market that is a recipe for potential hardship unless you get it right the first go round. There are a lot of schools and courses out there I would advise you find one that has a product you like and talk to them or enroll in a class that promotes that style. There is a lot of info you can find from the web and books read everything you can and take notes on specific points of interest then spend time digesting it. I personally think that many of the courses offered are basically the same and are more teaching the theories and business end, the only way to develop a product is to actually make it. My advice is to find good water, use a very basic pot style with no type of automation, and treat every failed batch like a lesson. Keep the failures around and go back to them even if you feel like you should not bother aging it do it anyhow follow through with every batch. Your product is really everything, without exceptional juice you will rely heavily on creative marketing. Understanding every part of the process is where its at. All this is just my opinion and I am sure that other people will find greater importance in other aspects of the business. Have fun with it. I hope that you succeed.

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