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label application for unusual bottles


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I'm wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of a machine or solution for labelling unusual bottles (i.e. not round cylinders), other than by hand. My bottle is both tapered and squared, and most of the machines I've found (at least in my price range... inexpensive) won't work with this bottle shape. I would very much appreciate any advice you may have.



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Hi Jill,

Me again, Irene at Landmark Label.

I have not found a labeler that will handle the square tapered bottles. We sell many of the labelers that are built for cylinder bottles...be it wine or water. If there is a labeler out there, it could be very costly.

If you hand label, be sure you get a material that will allow you to reposition the label if applied crooked.

Hand labeling is time consuming, and if not done correctly, you will end up with wrinkles. Once you do a few, you will develop a routine and you will get better at it and faster. I have applied many labels by hand and as long as I am sober,

it works out ok.


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Hi Jill,

Two options... you could check out Benchmate labelers, made in Australia. They certainly work well for tapered labels; it's the square part that's troublesome.


The other way to go would be to have the bottle screened (printed) rather than applied separately. This is often done for spirits (Grey Goose, Van Gogh, etc). It's more expensive than a paper label but you also save bottling time.


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I can send you a list of screen printing companies if you need one…

Its true its a bit more expensive to go with ACL but!...

You could do a one color print for your logo and add the additional information on a tag label around the neck of the bottle.

Like this…just an idea!


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Thanks for all your suggestions. Since I've already received the bottles from abroad and am ready with my printers to print my labels, I won't be able to get the manufacturer's help this time, but maybe next round. But if anyone is new out there, learn from my mistakes: think about label design and ease of application when choosing a bottle! I had no idea the application step would be this challenging.

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