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Michigan profit / price breakdown question


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Can anyone breakdown the pricing for Michigan? I need the info for the business plan.




cork---$ .15

capsule-- $.04

juice-- $3

total = $4.44

If the bottle sells on the shelf for $30( through a distributor) what is the breakdown of taxes, distributor fee, and the NET profit?

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I am planning a facility in Michigan an have put together a spreadsheet to walk from the wholesale price to minimum shelf price. Basically, a $30.00 minimum shelf price will result in a wholesale price to the distiller of $15.97. Don't forget about the delivery charge from the distributor, or the partial refund from the state. These can add a bunch to your cost structure. Also, don't forget about the energy requirement to distill your juice. It can be a little hard to figure without some experience, but you should plug in something for it because it will be a significant part of your cost base.

Shoot me an email at douglasmcelroy1@yahoo.com and I will be glad to share the calculation.

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