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disk filters 222mm

Beauport Bob

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Has anyone purchased the small plate filter from Bavarian Holstein? It requires a 222mm disk filters. It came with BECO KD-10 and BECO CPO2S. The machine work fine enough.

Does anyone have a supplier for these disks? We are often told to buy sheets and cut them. Not fun.

Thanks for the info.


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Dear Bob,

We also have the round plate filter and can supply the sheets. What micron size do you need?

We use BECO SELECT sheets. I have some A20 and A80 in stock.

All the best,


P.S.: I wouldn't cut the plates.

Kothe Distilling Technologies

5121 N Ravenswood Ave

Chicago, IL 60640


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Hi Bob

We bought the same filte and found a source for them. Call George and 231-947-8635 and he should be able to find the source where we bought them. Found the original filter, works great.


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