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Rum makers & trips to Martinique?

Guest sensei

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Even with this crappy economy, I'd like to go to Martinique over either Spring Break or the early part of summer vaction before my training seminars. I'm curious if anyone on here, rum distiller or otherwise, has gone to Martinique and taken their rum distilleries tour? I've looked online, but I just find it best that if one wants the cheapest deal or the best package, its just better to talk to people than search countless sites online.

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Talk to Ed Hamilton on www.ministryofrum.com. He's a good guy who spends his time traveling the Caribbean on his sailboat visiting rum distilleries and writing about them and rum. He runs the site so he's on there often.

I think he has been to most any rum distillery that you may be interested in visiting.

He also does some importing.

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I've been to Martinique and visited several distilleries. Unfortunately, they were not distilling at the time. Since they use local sugar cane, they only run when the cane is available, which is not all year long. Better check before you go. I think I went in December, this was a few years ago. Also, hardly anyone spoke english, which was a problem for me.

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We traveled to Martinique in June in advance of our opening in SF, certainly a great area to learn from and explore, there is about a 4 month harvest/distillation window from March 'til about July, the rest of the year is simply maintaining their barrels. We were adamant about tasting fresh distillate so we made it work, but there are always better ways to navigate an area after you've gotten the initial visit out of the way.

If you're still planning to go or have any questions about their production I'll do what I can to help out.



Bar Agricole

San Francisco


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