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Not enough capital to start big


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Hello all-

I was wondering if anyone started extremely small as a means to bring in investors? Recently we were on track to start a good sized distillery, by that I mean using a 150gallom still, but unfortunately some funding I was counting on fell through at pretty much the last minute despite a solid business plan. I have been working with a business mentor at my local small business office and he suggested starting with something that I would consider an experimental sized still, 10 to 15 gallons. Once I have a product and I have made a few sales then shop around to investors as an operational dsp. Has anyone done this? It's a complete 180 from the business plan that I spent the last year working on so I wanted to get some industry feedback on the viability of the idea. Any info is greatly appreciated. Also I am located in virginia which as many of you know is a control state that has it's own issues in terms of production requirements.


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To me it would be easier to scale up and have the saved cash on hand for the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that are not in your plan. Don't care how long or who helped you it will happen. I would think you would need at least a 30 gal if not 55 gal to really make a go at any kinda sales. I will mostly sell out of state as NC is a bitch control state as well.

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1. Are you in a dry county? If so, your screwed.

2. Are you in a city that sells alcohol? If so, you got a chance.

3. Are you a Farm Distillery? If so, you got a better chance.

Starting a business that, by law, does not allow you to sell your product is crazy. Otherwise you have to get in the ABC system and that is not easy, cheap, or quick. Scalability is key. How do I know? I learned the hard way, would I do it over... no way.

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