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Starting the loan process - our mileage so far


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Having learned a great deal from this forum, I wanted to share some initial observations as we're in the funding process right now with our distillery. We've one confirmed investor and are pursuing 1-2 additional.

Beyond equity investment and self-funding, we're looking to secure an SBA loan or startup line of credit.

From community banks, here's the heads up to begin discussion on loan qualification:

*Direct Industry Experience.

*Business & Marketing Plan.

*Three years of financial projections with assumptions.

*20% capital contribution to the total project cost.

*Collateralization on a 1:1 basis after discounting.

*Credit score of 700 or better on all principle owners.

Your mileage may vary but I hope this is helpful to those of you who are just beginning the business plan development. These are important baseline assumptions to prove out and best to know upfront what will be required of you.

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