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Hello everybody, i am a french, passionnate by the world of spirits. My favorite website is: Forum distillerie com. But, i was obliged to post here because in french mind, when you want to start a business, everyone laught!

I foundl my equipment, packaging, model bottle, brand, logo.. Except :


and "the" recipe ... I need a chimist " master blender" make spirit ...

I wish find here a chimist.

If i have a sample of my production i think, it would be more simple : to approach a bank.

Somebody is interest?

And this summer i hope to pass

WEST Level 2 spirit

Fundamentals distillation from Institute distilling and brewing

Thank you

PS: sorry for my mystakes.

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I'm not sure you need a chemist at this point, as the recipe for your ideal spirit is just one piece of the puzzle. You can teach yourself how to make spirits, that is not the hardest part as a lot of information exists. Let's say you learn how to make spirit and you can make some samples. You bring a nice bottle to your banker. I'm not sure the banker will give you a loan because he enjoys drinking your spirit (even if he is an alcoholic).

You must understand how alcohol is being sold in your country, what are the distribution channels, what reasonable profit margin you can expect from selling a bottle, how potential customers will hear about your existence, how the legislation works and what permits you need to have. In other words, a distillery is just like any business, to convince investors to put money in your project, they must feel that you know what you are doing, even though you don't have all the answers. You can start small but you must know how to be profitable. Ask some friends with finance backgrounds or business owners to challenge your business model.

If you haven't done so already, visit small distilleries in your country, talk to the owners, see how they operate their business.

"Bonne chance" with your project.


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Why does everyone in your country laugh at the idea of starting a business? Is it just the culture?

Or do people want to start businesses, but just cannot because of government regulations?

There are of course private businesses in France. So somebody must have been starting those companies at some point in the past.

A website that I recently started reading is "Startups Anonymous". It is where founders of companies can basically tell their story. It includes things about raising money, dealing with investors, growth problems, etc. Just about anything.

Here is one of the stores from a startup founder in France. He said it was a disaster trying to raise money with a startup in that culture.


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