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Coming soon to DC

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Greetings all, we're a new distillery coming soon to Washington, DC.

We appreciate all the useful information in the forums and hope to contribute more ourselves in time. We've sourced a combination of new and used equipment and are in the process of building out the distillery. We should be open in late Spring/early Summer.

We've done some training with Koval/Kothe in Chicago and Smooth Ambler in West Virginia and have nothing but good things to say about them. We've also met Odin with iStill. Plus we've enjoyed meeting some of the local folks - New Columbia, also in DC, Catoctin Creek as well as Copper Fox.


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Congrats on your new distillery! If you haven't already decided on which bottles you are going to use please let me know and I will send you our online catalogue.

We are conveniently located in Richmond, VA.




Wm. R. Hill & Co.
4500 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23231
P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921
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