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Hello everyone!

I'm Ed and i joined back in 2012. I'm like so many other newbies who have been quietly stalking the progress and post of others. (Yes i'm watching you... through windows 7). I have been closely monitoring others who have pursued their dream and appear to be successful. Reviewing there activities through interviews, forums, social-media, and their website I hope I've learned from their success and mistakes.

I have been collecting equipment and have most of what I need to start-up a 200 gallon still and packaging on a budget. I am looking to network with others in the state and connect with someone else who shares my passion. I have a strong hands-on technical background and would like to find someone with more business knowledge to round out the team.

Thanks to all of the more experienced members for posting and providing beneficial information, Ed

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Hi Ed,

We are in the early stages of forming a guild of Indiana distillers, so you're reaching out at a great time. We've had two meetings so far at Sunking in Indy, and will be scheduling our next in the coming week or so. Have you been on that email thread? If not, shoot me an email at quirk@cardinalspirits.com and we'll make sure you get an invite.



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