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How much copper in a still?


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I am wondering how much copper is needed in a still. I have seen full copper stills that include the boiler and some home made stills ,at commercial distilleries, that don't have anything but copper packing. What is Needed and what is overkill?

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depends what you are running.

some fruit brandies have a lot more sulphates to deal with than you would have in a grain mash.

we build our 4 plate columns out of copper for enough copper interaction, but our vodka columns, just the bubblecaps are copper. we find that works for the vast majority of applications.


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The Impact of Copper in Different Parts of Malt Whisky Pot Stills on New Make Spirit Composition and Aroma

Barry Harrison*, Olivier Fagnen, Frances Jack and James Brosnan

Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 117, Issue 1, pages 106–112, 2011


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