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TTB getting me down.

John D

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After 103 days. I am still waiting. I really don't understand the TTB. latest setback was "get this" 1.They needed to know what town the distillery would be in, It was on all forms and in the lease. What was the SF of the building, It was on all forms and in the lease. And for the really big one ??????? I did not describe the bathroom. WTF I put the size and marked on the layout drawing. All I could respond with was that it has a toilet, sink, mirror, and light.

Has anyone else had this kinda what I would call BS questions / delays. This kinda stuff just really gets me down. I want to call my congress rep. But am told that would really make my life hell for years to come. If this is true then we have no recourse and must continue to suck up the bullshit. :angry:

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Don't feel bad, my amendment filed in March of 2013 didn't get reviewed until September and I had to reapply, it was approved in November. 2 months to get the VA license and now I'm waiting on a store contract. That's expected in 5 more weeks. I've lost $150k since last spring on what should be a 30 day process. Oh,... and the strengthening bond got sent back because it did not have a POLN as a COB. (Change of Bond).

So hang in there.

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