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Alcohol transfer pump - Electric


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Debating whether to pull the trigger and get an alcohol transfer pump. I've been looking at an xp rated pump from Sotera, Model SS465BEXP


It 115AC, explosion proof rated, designed for flammable liquids and looks like it can handle high proof Alcohol. Anyone have any experience with this pump or manufacturer?

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If you are a stickler about materials contact, note that while santoprene diaphragms (in your pump specs above) are probably fine for occasional high proof ethanol contact, santoprene not rated as high as other materials like teflon, polypropylene, stainless, for overall compatibility. For a $1,000 investment - I'd be asking for materials rated excellent for high proof ethanol contact.

That Wilden P4 is one BIG pump. I think the max flow rates on those are around 80-100 gallons per minute, and they require a pretty big compressor. You could move mash with that pump.

You might even be able to get by with a smaller double diaphragm pump depending on what your volumes look like. We use a small 1/2" pp/teflon ARO that can do 13gpm max (the one listed above can do 15 per the specs). Works just fine, and I don't need to worry about a large volume of liquid in the hoses (3/4").

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I use a $100 diaphragm pump.

Viton seals.

and when I'm using a big holding tank as it gets super low, I will use compressed nitrogen and spray about 30sec in the tank to rid it of oxygen. (I blow out all the bottles with the nitrogen when filling to get rid of any dust)


Take Care!

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