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Corn Sugar Wash Yields

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lots of questions here... lets do this one at a time. I don't see why you would use the amyl with that high of a barley count. %13 6-row should cover an all grain batch.

was the barley distillers barley or kilned to some degree?

How much reflux does your still have?

what was the actual poundage used, not just percentage?

Given the initial SG you should've had a fairly high yield, but it should be pointed out that (yeast dependent) many will not bother consuming maltose, maltotriose, etc when in presence of a sucrose/glucose content higher than ...15% I think is what I read? I'm a few beers in and the book is all the way on the other side of the room..

I'd recommend starting with a completely neutral base to see if your botanicals are really the flavor compound you are expecting then slowly build in flavor from the distillate if that is what you want to do.

my 2cents

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