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Need help finding the book publisher info for a french book

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I've seen this book referenced in a hand full of major publications, it seems very useful, and many people have suggested it, the problem... its in french... expect that I found a notation that it is also available in 1958 in english, in what I believe was the 3rd ed. of 5ed.

Here is a link for what I've found:


Can anyone help me find the info on the publisher to see if they have an ebook that I can digitally translate or get my hands on an english version. I can't seem to figure out the company info. Thanks!

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I found a copy of it in French on Abebooks, 4th edition.


$85 plus shipping.

for some entertainment, go to abebooks, type cognac, and list from highest price. Distillation has some good results, too!

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Why don't you contact the library in South Africa...? If no one has checked it out in a couple years, libraries will often sell you books. I have a great treatise on botanical infusions that I bought from a library in Oregon, after I pointed out that no one had ever checked it out in 17 years...

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