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Always Wanted To Live in Hawaii?


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Manulele Distillers is a true farm-to-bottle rum distillery on the Island of Oahu. We grow all of our own sugar cane, harvest it, crush it, ferment it, distill it, barrel it, and bottle it all in one place. We are just beginning our early production on a 600 gallon still build by Artisan Still Designs making Hawaii's only true Agricole Rum. We are in the process of getting our tasting room cleaned up and ready for tours of the entire operation.

We are looking for a motivated individual to become the distillery manager. This person will oversee the cane harvest and follow the cane all the way to the bottle. A background in fermentation and distilling is a must. College degree in a field related also required.

We are in for exciting times. All the pieces are in place, and we need the right person to help us with the execution of the dream.

Rather than list all the required skills, PM me and we can talk. If you seem like a strong candidate, we will fly you out here and show you around. But, moving will be on your own dime. We are fully capitalized, but still a startup. Salary with performance bonus based on sales and growth. Possible equity stake after 2 years.

Check out our Facebook in my signature to see what we have accomplished so far.


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